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In an increasingly interconnected and independent global economy, multi lateral transnational collaborations assumes even greater significance. It becomes critical for nations to not just draw upon their inherent core competencies but also forge strong cross regional alliances to spur socio-economic growth and development through the avenue of international trade, investment and commerce. This common collaborative plank stands to benefit all concerned stakeholders in the long run. Set in this backdrop, the establishment of the Russia India Trade House Mumbai (RITHM), at the World Trade Centre Mumbai, would go a long way in the effective promotion and augmentation of bilateral trade between two of the fastest emerging economies of the world - India and Russia.

Russia India Trade House Mumbai (RITHM) a not for profit professional body was established on 23 April, 2012 in Mumbai, India's commercial capital. RITHM is recognized by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in India and is initiated under the aegis of Consulate of the Russian Federation, All India Association of Industries and World Trade Centre, Mumbai.

The Russia India Trade House promises to be a multi dimensional setup which will grant its direct and indirect members a plethora of tangible and intangible benefits in the short and long run. The idea is to make critical business information available to those interested, create greater awareness regarding the same and create a platform to identify potential business propositions in both India and Russia.


To build and strengthen bridges of socio-economic prosperity through the promotion of trade and investment between India and Russia on a strategic partnership plank


  • Assist Indian & Russian companies in their endeavour to find suitable strategic partners in India and Russia.
  • Assist India and Russia in the pertinent identification of potential investment & trade opportunities and aid in the promotion of various regions of Russia in India and vice versa
  • Organize and arrange for trade delegations between both countries to consolidate bilateral ties through the avenue of trade and exchange of ideas and human capital.
  • Assist in trade delegations of the respective countries in the identification of potential partners taking cognizance of the core competencies and collaborative capacities of each.
  • Establish streamlined channels ensuring the seamless exchange and integration of information related to trade, investment and industry realities in both countries.

Latest Business News

Pushkin Awards

By the Decree of H. E. Mr. Vladimir V. Putin, President of the Russian Federation, honoured Mr. Vijay Kalantri, President of the All India Association of Industries with the Pushkin Medal, Russian state awards for outstanding contribution in promoting Russian-Indian trade cooperation.